Sanded People with Desert Crowbar

Sanded People with Desert Crowbar

In stock and ready to ship! Orders placed between December 20th and December 30th will be delayed but will ship out by January 5th, 2024.

Continuing with my laser-cut wood action figure aesthetic, here is the new Plywood Warriors: Sanded People "with Desert Crowbar". Meticulously crafted from multiple laser-cut layers of birch plywood, Sanded People features a thin flexible cape that is also crafted from wood fiberboard. Limited edition of 20.

Each 3 3/4" scale figure is mounted to a signed and numbered laser-cut wood ‘card’ with removable clear plastic bolts that attach the blister with a custom acrylic mount . This allows you to remove and replace the figure easily.

NOTE: Prototype figure is pictured. Slight refinements will be reflected in the final figures. Each figure will have slight differences in wood grain, texture and finish quality.

Not a toy. Designer craft piece intended for adult collectors. Small parts are a danger to children and pets.