Miniature Hardwood Boombox

$75.00 - $85.00
Miniature Hardwood Boombox

ORDERS PLACED 12/19 - 12/30 WILL SHIP 1/2/23

My hardwood miniature Boombox is a tribute to the portable sonic assault devices that hit the streets in the early 1980’s. It is resplendent with authentic details including tape deck, radio tuner and a plethora of knobs and buttons. Each boombox is hand crafted from maple, walnut and cherry, then detailed with steel, aluminum and clear acrylic. The wood is sealed to bring out the natural warmth and grain. No moving or functional parts.

Subtle variations in wood grain and finish quality make each model uniquely beautiful. Please note thin natural wood is sensitive to climate conditions and can slightly warp depending on humidity and temperature. Please keep this item in a temperature controlled area out of direct sun.

Dimensions: Width 3.75” Height 1.9” Depth .9”

Custom text engraving is available for this item! I can etch a name or short message on the back for an additional fee.

Comes to you packaged in a simple and attractive box that is suitable for gift giving.

Warning: My wood miniatures are not toys and are intended for adult collectors. They contain small parts that could be dangerous to children and pets.